General Information - Page Two

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Detailed Presentations (continued)

              Date Status
8    Milepost Matrix and Maps      
8-1    Milepost Matrixpdf file (zoom in as needed)   1/6/10 Current
8-2    Updated Pipeline Traverse Mappdf file (zoom in as needed)   n/a n/a
9    Basic Construction Statistics      
9-1    Labor Distribution (coming soon)   n/a n/a
9-2    Basic Pipe Statistics (coming soon)   n/a n/a
9-3    Logistics (coming soon)   n/a n/a
9-3    Segmentation of the Arctic Fox Pipeline Construction Spreads (coming soon)   n/a n/a
9-3    Project Engineers (coming soon)   n/a n/a
9-3    Project Contractors (coming soon)   n/a n/a
10    Company Organization      
10-1    Preliminary Organization Chartpdf file (Printer Friendly)pdf file   11/3/10 Current