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gas-line to run within the existing corridor
gas-line to run within the existing Elliott/Dalton HWY corridor

Fairbanks Pipeline Company (FPC) is developing a fit-for-purpose natural gas pipeline system to deliver affordable gas from Prudhoe Bay to Interior Alaska.  Its project development approach is market-based.  The size and operating pressure of its pipeline will be economically designed to transport known gas volumes to Alaskan load centers such as Golden Valley Electric Association, Fairbanks Natural Gas, mines and Military bases contracted over a twenty-year term.  FPC's pipeline system will begin operation in 2014.

FPC's pipeline does not have to wait for global and domestic gas prices to increase four-fold to become viable.  Gas pipelines in the common lower-48 markets are typically installed in markets where the prices of competing gas supply sources vary by 1% to 5%.  This long overdue Alaskan project will reduce current Alaskan wholesale energy prices by close to 50%.  This unarguably demonstrates its project feasibility as well as its socio-economic benefits.


Project Funding

FPC's gas pipeline is not receiving State or Federal subsidies.  Instead, Energia Cura's principle partners are underwriting the cost of its development.  The partners’ intent for funding this project’s development is to expediently reduce energy costs by 50% and to contain the wealth generated from these savings within the state.  Energia Cura is a consultancy headquartered in Fairbanks, Alaska providing a range of services and products to the power, oil & gas and mining industries.  It currently operates and maintains Alaska's second largest pipeline system on a throughput basis.  For more information on Energia Cura, click on the following link: www.energiacura.com


Purpose of our Project Information Website

Energia Cura believes that the public should have transparent access to information about critical infrastructure that supports and sustains their communities, irrespective of whether funded by public or private concerns.  As a result, FPC has adopted rules of conduct providing complete access to FPC's project information via this website.

Good project developments consistently evolve to meet market requirements.  FPC based its preliminary hydraulic and economic simulations to deliver 12 Bcf/yr of gas through a 10" pipeline.  Current non-binding gas nominations received by FPC have already climbed to 19 Bcf/yr and may significantly grow to higher proportions if FPC secures additional gas nominations from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Eielson Air Force Base, and GVEA.  The additional 7 Bcf/yr of gas volumes nominated to date have already prompted an increase in FPC's line size from 10" to 12", so FPC cautions individuals reviewing this website that its developments are work in progress.  As a result, persons accessing project information through this website should consider the dates and status descriptions of files provided.  All archival information should be carefully weighed against evolving project data as file names are annotated.  Instead of simply removing dated files, we have chosen to retain them on record to maintain our transparency standards and to improve the integrity of FPC's project record.

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